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JH23 series high performance press

JH23 series high performance press

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1. The bed of this press is made of high-quality castings, with good rigidity, high strength, small deformation and strong shock resistance.
2. Using precise rolling bearings, high precision and less oil pollution. Long service life and low punching noise.
3. The use of high-quality brand pneumatic friction clutches can realize the inching, single and continuous operation of the press, and the emergency stop of the press at any position during the operation.
4. Using Delta PLC and imported solenoid valves, supplemented by high-quality electrical components, the performance is more reliable.
5. There are two types of presses: fixed speed and variable frequency adjustable speed for users to choose.


Main technical parameters of JH23 series high-performance press (with pneumatic friction clutch)

Serial number project 单位 JH23-11 JH23-16 JH23-20
1 Nominal force KN 110 160 200
2 Nominal force stroke mm 2 3 3.5
3 Slider stroke mm 45 40/55  40/65
4 Number of trips min-1 210 200 180
5 Maximum closing height mm 180/230 225/220 262/250
6 Closed height adjustment mm 35 45 55
7 Distance between columns mm 180 220 260
8 Die handle hole size   φ30×55 φ40×60 φ40×60
9 working desk size mm 370×240 450×300 500×330
10 Workbench thickness mm 40 40 45
11 Motor Power w 1500 2200 2200
12 Machine weight   590 1100 1400
13 working pressure mpa 0.5-0.55 0.5-0.55 0.5-0.55
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