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Company Profile

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Zhejiang Xiaoshan Jingui Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhejiang Xiaoshan Precision Press Factory, specializes in the production of Jingui brand mechanical presses, precision cold stamping die bases and There are two production-type and commercial-type holding companies for a series of products such as mechanical auxiliary devices. Now it is a high-tech enterprise, a three-level enterprise for safety production standardization, a Zhejiang AAA-level contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise, a Zhejiang A-level taxation unit, a Zhejiang AAA credit rating unit, a Zhejiang integrity private enterprise, and a Hangzhou management innovation model enterprise .

The company has high-precision production equipment such as machining centers, fully automatic sawing machines, high-precision centerless grinding, gantry milling combined machines, etc., and various testing instruments, equipment and methods that meet quality control , Use the company's unique process to organize production. The company has led the formulation of 3 industry standards for bench presses, and has led the formulation of 3 national standards or industry standards for cold stamping die sets, participated in the formulation (revision) of more than 30 national and industry standards, and has more than 20 national patents. Among them, inventions 1 patent. The company attaches great importance to the construction of various basic management and corporate culture, pays attention to scientific management, carries forward the spirit of enterprise craftsman, fully and effectively implements the quality management system from product design, procurement, production, testing, marketing and technical services to the entire process, and product quality remains stable The leading products, JB04-0.5 and JB04-1 desktop presses of the Golden Turtle brand have been awarded as high-quality products in the machinery industry.

The company seeks development by technological innovation, and has established Hangzhou Enterprise Technology Center and Zhejiang Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Center. Since the transformation of the enterprise in 2000, it has passed the Zhejiang Provincial New Product Appraisal 2 every year. ~4, the technical level reached the domestic leading level, and won more than 20 provincial, municipal and district scientific and technological achievements awards, of which one was included in the 2006 National Torch Plan.



Hangzhou Xiaoshan Precision Standard Die and Components Factory specializes in the production of precision cold-punching mold bases and precision guides, and was awarded by the China Die & Mould Industry Association “China Mold Standard Parts Key backbone enterprises”. With superb craftsmanship and strong technical force, we actively refer to foreign advanced standards to formulate internal control standards for enterprises. We have machining centers, precision numerical control equipment and various special machines for the whole process of product formation. We follow market demand and produce various sliding and rolling precision progressive die guides. Pieces, professional manufacturing, ingenuity and quality. The Golden Turtle brand precision cold stamping die set has the characteristics of high precision, smooth sliding, strong wear resistance and long service life, and is well received by users at home and abroad. There are two series of precision cold stamping die holders, sliding and rolling, and precision guides of thousands of specifications for your choice. Various special forms of precision cold stamping die sets, zipper die sets, progressive die guides and other products can be customized according to user needs.

Gold Tortoise brand precision cold stamping die set has been awarded Zhejiang high-quality product, national excellent mold standard part, Hangzhou famous brand product, and its technical level has been assessed by industry experts as internationally advanced and domestically leading Level.


Hangzhou Xinjingui Machinery Co., Ltd. has decades of machining technology and a high-level technical team, with high-end horizontal machining centers, large precision boring and milling machines , Gantry grinders, gantry milling machines, high-precision grinders and other precision processing equipment and measurement testing equipment, with superb production technology and excellent quality. The company is committed to the independent research, development and production of high-speed and high-precision mechanical presses, CNC pneumatic punches, zipper machines and a variety of crystal machinery. It has undertaken more than 10 Zhejiang-level industrial new product development projects and drafted and formulated the "Crystal Bead Grinding Machine" "Pneumatic Press" and other product enterprise standards, led the drafting and formulation of the "Pneumatic Bench Press" industry standard, and has a number of national utility model patents.

The company’s products are well received by users for their high precision, good reliability, and superior performance. The domestic market for automatic crystal machinery and high-speed presses has occupied a certain market.

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Zhejiang Xiaoshan Golden Tortoise Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhejiang Xiaoshan Precision Press Factory, specializes in the production of Golden Tortoise brand mechanical presses, precision cold-punching die bases and mechanical auxiliary devices. It has 2 production and commercial holding companies.

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